This is telematics done right

The Fleet Engineering approach to implementing telematics solutions for your fleet is to identify and focus on the most important business issues, to develop effective supporting business processes that will realise the potential benefits of any implemented telematics application and to plan for an effective implementation of those processes through appropriate change management.

Phase 1: Establishing a Telematics Vision for your Fleet

The Fleet team offer a 2-3 day review of your business to establish a telematics vision at no cost. This includes meeting with senior managers and functional heads and identifying the major performance indicators of interest to the management team. Discussions with managers along with a review of resource and cost planning will establish the current drivers of operational success for different areas of the business. This process will enable identification of the specific processes that stand to make the greatest improvements from process re-design using telematics, which will then form the basis for phase two.

In order to organise and facilitate this process, you will need to make available key documents beforehand and organise key personnel to be available for meetings with us.

Phase 2: Planning for Success

In phase 2, Fleet Engineering conduct a detailed end-to-end review and redesign of business processes identified in phase 1. Our consultants map the current process to establish a baseline cycle time, processing time and cost of the process and identify bottlenecks and non-value-add steps. Based on the findings, a new process is developed that incorporates appropriate telematics applications to minimise time and cost while improving cycle time and quality. A cost benefit analysis will then be conducted to form recommendations for which processes should be implemented in phase three and to establish measurements for monitoring project performance.

The output of phase two will be a comprehensive project plan for implementation.

Phase 3: Delivering Change to Your Business

Now that we’ve worked out how to drive improvements in your business, it’s time to get some results! Phase 3 will be the implementation of the signed off project plan. This includes procurement of applicable hardware and implementing the new processes in accordance with an agreed change management plan. The success of the project will be judged by measuring improvements in the key metrics identified in your telematics vision against the baseline performance level we established in phase 2.

Phase 4: Maintaining Success and Planning for the Future

Now that we’ve measured great impvements in your bottom line, we need to make sure the fleet is set up to succeed into the future. Phase 4 is designed to ensure effective post-project processes will lead to sustained results and continuous improvement. This phase will also include a review of your internal resources and recommendations for any sustained operational and consulting services to be provided by our support team.

The Fleet Engineering project team are driven professionals with a track record of delivering operational improvements. We look forward to working with you to transform your business and supercharge your profits. Contact us to request a consultation.