Tools for better fleet management

Your staff are on the road, your vehicles and assets are dispersed, your jobs are dynamic. Fleet Engineering is the #1 choice for managing your mobile workforce, giving you an array of mobile and cloud-based tools that give your team the power to simplify processes, increase productivity and impress your customers

Live Vehicle Tracking

First the obvious - see where all your resources are in one simple map. Custimise what you see using Fleet's powerful group management system, pick current or a historical location for the whole group, or show all movements for one asset or staff member for a particular timeframe.

Track Driver Behaviour

Are your drivers safe? Track speed against speed limit, harsh acceleration and braking. Even capture the tracking of video footage in the event of harsh braking. Smooth drivers use 30% less fuel, have fewer incidents and drive down insurance.

Asset Tracking

Don't send staff out to manually check metre readings. We have hardware partners to develop monitoring for every remote asset you can think of. Keep all your data in the Fleet Eng system for total transparency of your plant

Job Management & Dispatch

Moving people, equipment or product from place to place? Fleet's job module is a powerful real-time job management system and driver dispatch system. We have customised job management for imports/exports and bulk material, or you can use a basic pickup and drop off module - a simple, powerful way to take charge of daily transport tasks.

GeoZone Management

Manage everything using geozones. Simply click on the map, adjust the size and give your zone a name, or create a zone based on an asset's current location. Use zones to define notifications, track utilisation for specific jobs, define speed limits, define customer locations and a thousand other applications

Fleet Analytics

We help you drill down into your Fleet's performance and suggest ways to improve. Is there an opportunity to improve safety? Reduce fuel costs? Underutilised assets? Our data analysts will help you get to the bottom of any issue facing your business.

Driver Features

Get rid of paperwork! Send your drivers instant messages, jobs and PDF documents. Drivers can track fatigue, conduct prestart checklists (and other forms) update job status in real time, get client sign off for instant proof of delivery and even upload photos instantly. All in an interface so simple that it passes the "can my grandma use this?" test.

Fleet Dashboards

Don't trawl through data tables - let Fleet help you visualise meaningful statistics in ways that help you intuitively find opportunities to improve. Fleet's dynamic charts are interactive and allow you to drill down to uncover the best opportunities.

Automated Notifications

Fleet's proprietary workflow server is unparalleled in the telematics industry in its capability to deliver customised notifications and other actions. Want an SMS if a vehicle doesn't move on a specific site before 9:15am on a Wednesday? No problem. Want your customers to get notified of the expected arrival time the instant your driver clicks "En route to drop off"? Easy

Container Elite

Transport firms involved in the import and export of shipping containers have a unique data-management challenge. From ship data to wharf bookings to dehire yards, we've got you covered with best-in-class tools to stay in control and optimise your process