We needed to modernise our systems to meet new regulatory requirements and streamline our operation. We looked at other dispatch and tracking systems, but working with the Fleet Eng team we have a system designed especially to meet the complexities of container transport, and that's just not available with other products on the market.

Adam Williams Director

Meeting New Chain of Responsibility Requirements with Electronic Container Weight Declarations

Superscoop Transport provides professional shipping container transport and logistics in Perth, WA. New legislation in Western Australia places a greater responsibility on all players in the supply chain to ensure they work together to driver safer practices from end to end. While Adam and the Superscoop team had decades of experience in shipping container logistics, the new rules posed practical challenges in collating and distributing information to drivers in a timely fashion. Working with Fleeteng, Superscoop have converted what was a robust paper-centric operation to industry best-practices on digital job management and dispatch to tablet-based apps for drivers . 

Container Weight Declarations

A Container Weight Declaration (CWD) is a set of information about a container that defines its contents and weight as at a particular date, and who is responsible for that information being correct. The CWD need not necessarily a single document, or a physical document at all. Under the new framework, it is mandatory for every vehicle to carry a valid CWD for every container being transported at all times. For those relying on physical documents, this creates practical challenges in receiving and distributing the correct document to the right vehicle at the right time, with last minute changes in driver and vehicle an even greater challenge – that’s where digital CWDs save the day, putting the right information in the hands of the right driver instantly.

Job Management and Job Dispatch for Container Jobs

Shipping container logistics has more legs per job and more moving parts than most other transport jobs. As a result, generic job dispatch systems fall woefully short of meeting operational requirements. When Superscoop started investigating the options on the market the systems that they reviewed were able to meet a range of requirements, but not all. A quick survey of other operators in the market found that even those with expensive GPS tracking and driver dispatch systems still had to use them in conjunction with a combination of Excel spreadsheets and documents on pin up boards.

Job Management and Dispatch Customised for Shipping Container Logistics

Superscoop have now implemented software specifically designed to meet the needs of shipping container logistics. The job management includes the details of staging, wharf bookings, empty container pickup and drop off and voyage management. The driver tablet includes a CWD, as well as facilitating all the on-the-road needs such as uploading photos, getting client signoff and updating job status.

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  • Job Management for Shipping Container Logistics

    A workflow that is custom built for the transport of shipping containers. No need for pin up boards, no need for excel spreadsheets. Just the right tools and the right information with the right people at the right time

  • Electronic Container Weight Declarations

    Getting compliant CWDs to the drivers is now a snap for the Superscoop team. The forwarder provides the data, and it can be transferred instantly to any driver that will carry the container.

  • Driver App

    Drivers have the right tools to receive the right information at the right time, to capture data on the road simply and easily, and transmit real time information back to base.