"We've always loved the GPS tracking for keeping track of the whole fleet, and now we've introduced the Where'sMyBus app to help our passengers know exactly where their bus is, and when to start walking to get to the stop in time. It's a great tool in particular for school kids and their parents for tracking the school buses"

Greg Balla Owner - Horizons West

Live Vehicle Tracking App Gets Horizons West Passengers to the Bus on Time

Horizons West has been operating for over 27 years and is one of the largest and longest operating bus hire and coach charter companies in Western Australia.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking with Fleeteng has long been pivotal in providing the Horizons West dispatch room live information on vehicle movements for quick decision making and communicating with customers. With a big LCD screen mounted on the wall, the team are armed to answer any questions from clients or to take proactive steps if a vehicle is delayed.


Working together with the Fleeteng team, Horizons has taken customer service to a new level with a simple yet powerful app for passengers. Upon login, passengers are presented with all the bus routes relevant to them, and can view the route – and the live position of any bus operating on the route – with a single click.

The app will also recommend which bus stop is most convenient for a passenger to walk to and, using Google maps walking directions and the vehicle’s GPS position, suggest when to consider starting walking to be at the stop at the right time.

WheresMyBus1   WheresMyBus2   WheresMyBus3

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  • Happy School

    Knowing where the school bus is in real time helps schools manage student crowds around bus stops in a sensible way.

  • Happy Students

    Today’s students grew up with their phones they expect nothing less than to be able to click a button to get information about anything. Now students catching Horizons West buses will have their expectations fulfilled, and are able to time their walk to the bus perfectly every time.