"AAAC are committed to leading the towing industry in innovation and technology. With help from the Fleeteng team we have the tools we need to deliver our services more efficiently, more effectively and more safely than our competitors."

Kathy Morris CEO

AAAC Logistics  with GPS Tracking and Job Dispatch and Driver Apps

AAAC is one of Australia’s premier towing firms, providing roadside assistance and towing services for over twenty years.

AAAC have always been technology leaders in the towing industry, and have had a vehicle tracking and driver messaging system for many years. With ever-changing operational needs, AAAC continuously look for ways to advance tools and processes to meet their client’s requirements in an efficient and effective way. AAAC team worked with Fleeteng to customise Fleeteng’s Spatula job dispatch software system to implement the best towing management system on the market, and ensure AAAC stay at the forefront of the industry in technology.

Job Dispatch Software

The dispatch room is the heart of AAAC’s operation. Rapid response is critical so that the AAAC drivers can arrive quickly at the scene of an accident and other emergency events. This makes it critical that the dispatch staff know:

  • where all vehicles are in real time
  • what jobs they are currently working on
  • whether or not they are available for new jobs

With Spatula, the team get total transparency of the fleet. GPS vehicle tracking provides realtime data on current location, speed and heading, while the job management system provides all the details of the current driver for each vehicle, what jobs are currently assigned to each vehicle, the status of each job, and the current load on the truck. This streamlines the process of identifying the appropriate vehicle to assign each new job as it is received, and instantly put all the details of the job in the hands of the driver.

Driver App

AAAC’s tow truck drivers need the right information at their fingertips to perform their duties efficiently and safely. AAAC perform work for the WA Police, and Main Roads among their clients, so it is crucial for drivers to perform work on time, collect the right information, and capture photos. As professional drivers, they also are required to track work hours and document maintenance practices to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

The Fleeteng Driver Portal app connects the driver with the dispatch team and reduces paperwork with:

  • Paperless prestart checklists and fault reporting
  • Electronic logging of start and end times and breaks for fatigue management
  • Instant receipt of job information and updates
  • Seamless linking to Google maps for navigation to pickup and dropoff
  • Easy controls to update job status in real time to keep the dispatch team
  • Instant photo upload

The drivers top request for the driver app was simplicity, which forms the core design objective and dictates the Driver Portal’s simple layout and intuitive workflow.



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  • GPS Tracking & Job Dispatch Software

    The dispatch room knows where every truck is, what jobs they are working on and the current status of their jobs. This level of insight enables AAAC to send the right truck to the job every time, leading to a better experience for clients, a better result for drivers and more efficient communication.

  • Driver App

    AAAC’s clients have stringent requirements to capture information about the vehicle being towed and the job scenario. The Fleeteng Driver Portal lets drivers seamlessly capture photos, signatures and data on the road through their tablet, reducing manual effort for paperwork and increasing transparency of work conducted.

  • Paperless Prestart Checklists and Fault Reporting

    Drivers are automatically prompted to complete a prestart checklist upon login to a vehicle, with their responses and any faults uploaded instantly to the server for review by the maintenance and risk teams. This means no chasing daily paperwork, easy record keeping and retrieval for maintenance and audit purposes and instant data for analysis.

  • Driver Fatigue Management Software

    Drivers are required to log in to their tablet before they can receive jobs. Any breaks during the day must be recorded by tapping the ‘take a break’ button, which locks the tablet and ends as soon as the driver starts working again. The dispatch team have total transparency of the hours logged by drivers in real time, and the fatigue dashboard makes it simple to visualise compliance and plan upcoming rosters and jobs accordingly.