What We Do

Fleet Engineering specialise in helping fleet managers and business owners to use technology to improve safety, reduce emissions, reduce costs and manage a mobile workforce.

Our focus is on delivering you improvement and our proprietary software platform is built from the ground up by our crack team of developers to give us total flexibility to customise a solution that is right for you. We also help you develop the right business process to leverage the technology to drive actual improvement, and help you create dashboards that represent KPIs that matter to you. We can even become part of your process, with a team of data analysts here to help extract opportunities to improve.

What makes us unique

  • It starts with people

    For a technology company, we sure spend a lot of time on people. Time understanding your issues, time answering your questions and time helping your staff get great results.

  • We listen

    You know your business, you know your process. By taking the time to understand your needs, we know we are delivering the right solution for you.

  • Simple, flexible software

    We build tools that are fun to use, are clean to look at, and do what you need. Our modular approach means you get the features you need without being cluttered by the ones you don’t.

  • Teechnology that serves you

    We help you implement new processes that make your job simpler, your process faster and your customers happier.

  • Problems? Solved

    At Fleet, we put support above sales and we stand on our record. Expect nothing less than our world class customer service and a team of professionals dedicated to your success.